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Class Descriptions

On Camera Audition

Make working on camera second nature so you stop thinking and act first – from a deeply connected place. Our technique is efficient, specific, and will help you develop a sophisticated skill-set to bring your talent to life on camera.

  • On Camera Audition: You will practice TV auditions on camera (seated and standing)
  • On Your Feet: You will implement direction, blocking and props as you do on set

All classes are shot on-camera using current TV and film scripts. HD digital clips are emailed to you to review before the next class.


You’ll work through improvisation and spontaneous action to break through what’s getting in your way, deepen your connection and expand your emotional range. Ballistics demands that you stretch and expand and go beyond your comfort zone. It’s this practice that makes your on camera choices more immediate, true and visceral.

After 21 years of teaching, Kelly Kimball believes that it is Ballistics that takes an actor the farthest, fastest, and creates thrill for what we do.

The best way to learn about our classes is to audit a class at no charge and talk to us afterwards.
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